Before partnering with Rawlings, we researched the time-tested process that went into constructing every Major League baseball. From the 300 yards of two and three ply yarn to 108 hand-sewn stitches, we discovered Rawlings’ procedure was as nuanced as the game of baseball itself, and set out to engineer a gold ball consistent with Rawlings’ legacy. The finished product: A 24-karat gold leather baseball built to meet MLB’s weight, size and circumference standards.


Using our nanotechnology, our engineers melt down 24kt bullion and deposit gold onto the leather. We then ship the gold leather to the Rawlings’ plant, where they are hand sewn with the same precision as every official Major League baseball.

The gold infusion process is 100% environmentally-
friendly, leaving the leather feeling soft and untreated.


All Golden Sport products come with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the exclusive use of 24kt gold.

To check out the process for yourself, walk through our factory in the video and photos below.



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