When GS initially partnered with Rawlings, the exclusive supplier of MLB baseballs for the past quarter-century, we set out to enhance the ball’s appearance while maintaining its timeless construction. The result – a 24-karat gold Rawlings baseball engineered to meet MLB’s strict specifications.

Before we made it to the show, Former Commissioner Bud Selig organized a training session at Yankee Stadium to observe GS’s balls in flight. Impressed by the soft, untreated feel of the leather and the ball’s integrity – boasting the same weight, speed, circumference and diameter of official game balls – Major League Baseball featured our gold “Money Balls” in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Home Run Derby.

Combining a gold figure-eight cover with the usual white cowhide leather, we manufactured a ball that didn’t impede hitters. Just ask reigning champs Yoenis Cespedes(2013), Prince Fielder(2012) and Robinson Cano(2011) if they could track our gold and white balls – launching moon-shots on their way to the Home Run crown.




As baseball fans, we wanted to pay homage both to the game’s best sluggers and fielders. To honor the defensive wizards, Golden Sport teamed with Rawlings in 2011 to manufacture the gold leather used in the physical Gold Glove Award.

As voted by managers and coaches, Rawlings annually awards 18 gold gloves – one for each position in the American and National Leagues. Since becoming the exclusive provider of all Gold Glove leather in 2011, Golden Sport has presented the annual Gold Glove Award ceremonies in NYC. From 2013 World Series champ Dustin Pedroia to four-time Gold Glove winner Brandon Phillips, all of baseball’s finest defenders were on hand last year to accept gold hardware. As if handing our leather to MLB’s best isn’t cool enough, every year we are joined by a multitude of Hall of Famers and Gold Glove winners including Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Pudge Rodriguez, Ozzie Smith and “The Say Hey Kid” himself Willie Mays – who stole the show at age 82 by playfully teasing 2013 Center Field winners Adam Jones and Carlos Gomez.

Golden Sport is an American company committed to supplying the highest quality leather to America’s Pastime.


Lifetime Award recipient Willie Mays jokes with CF winners Adam Jones
and Carlos Gomez at the 2013 Rawlings Gold Glove Awards Ceremony